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Cigarette smoke eliminator

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Cigarette smoke eliminator

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The minutes should remove most of the smoke is tobacco smoke and air freshener at a time differently. Nicotine and tar in tobacco is a great difficulty in removing such, Even if the removal does not last long doejil its performance. That is often a common detergent for cleaning should be well removed. It is still left to burn our patented technology eliminates the use of nicotine and tar is so easy to remove. Also using the photocatalyst (TiO2) for the UV to chemically change the volatile toxic substances (VOC) emissions created by Co2 and H2O, the photocatalyst can be used for more than a year to replace the ultraviolet lamp may be written permanently in theory. That is the time to replace the provisional inclined part takes much longer less equipment maintenance costs compared to other equipment.

No matter how good the smoke even minutes are to be put to the minute smoke inside the smoke of cigarette smoke it is removed this is not so easy. It's a typical fan or even if you use soup keupaen dimbae smoke inhalation device, such as a distance greater than 400mm are very difficult to capture. Of course, if you remove the cigarette smoke in the smoking booth, but it is difficult to remove in the usual way by acting in a short time for a long time. Powerful (1 horsepower or more) by using the fan noise effects are severe joteuna cigarette smoke through the smoke dropped significantly minutes passed so quickly removed with a sense of effectiveness. We collected a large force and eliminating the blind spot to the difference between the intake air flow in a tornado forms of pressure is the most effective inhalation device.

More than 20% of the tobacco odor of smoking booths in the stricken smell of smoke and ashtrays booth walls cause I'm one of the decisive when attached to the smoking booths once a smell that smell go away for a long time without smokers smoking does not fit in the booth . We remove the smell by coating the walls and ashtray smoking booth in the visible light photocatalytic reaction solution that is easy to clean in the functions as well as Darling and Neoprene.

Smoking booths inside the circular method is generally a hot and cold running public morals. But if discharged as purified air out of third-party products resulting energy consumption is still unimaginable, and one of the reasons for Joowon before reluctantly smoking booth. One years it is thus consumes a lot of energy being consumed, so similar to the price of the delayed Equipment minutes. We have developed a product by applying the structure of the internal air circulation system to increase energy saving performance and separation of facilities for smokers and nonsmokers.

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Cigarette smoke eliminator